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The Wax Strip – The Wax Strip USA

Full Body Waxing Studio

At The Wax Strip, we do things differently than most waxing establishments. Many people
are surprised when they notice our gentle technique used with a combination of our waxes
crafted in Italy and Spain.

Our premium waxes are designed for sensitive skin, ensuring the
best results possible. With our proprietary technique and the proper prepping of the skin,
not only pain is minimized, it is also more efficient and gentle than using conventional

All of our Wax Specialists are extensively trained and must pass our standards of
performance in order to become part of The Wax Strip team.
We never double dip our sticks and we believe that client education is of the utmost
importance in order to achieve the best and longest lasting results.

Because of our high standards, attention to detail, and excellent customer service, we have
been able to offer our services to a vast array of clientele, both men and women.


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