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Rakul Preet Singh Ways To Get Rid Of Acne: Read On

Rakul Preet Singh the amazingly gifted actress is a style icon, and a lot of credit has to be given to her appearance and to her flawless skin glow. She is a natural beauty, to tell you precisely. She has this aura around her where her skin glows and it shows clearly on her face.

She is a sight to behold when she is dressed to kill. But how does she take care of her skin?

Well, a report on talked about this secret of Rakul and we take reference from that story for our write up here.

During a recent talk with Pinkvilla, she did give out ways to get rid of pimples. So take tips from Rakul for acne-free skin!!

When asked what does she do if she has an acne breakout, Rakul replied, “It depends whether it is the heat king or the other one, the one which has a head. If it has a head, then a toothpaste will work.”

She further adds, “If it is something bigger, or like the ones that come in summer, then I try to cool it with aloe vera or multani mitti. It is a sign of dehydration internally, or the body feeling the heat, so a lot of things like having coolants like lime water with mint or watermelon or barley water, all these things act as natural coolants for the body.

The actress also opened up on what the weirdest thing she has applied on her face so far for skincare. Replying to the query, she replied that it has to be egg white adding that it is generally meant to be used for skin tightening and even if she does not do it regularly, she has done it during the lockdown when she tried all these recipes of facemasks.

Interesting tips!!

Watch this space at for updates.

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