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Raashii Khanna shares her skincare secret that includes two simple ingredients

Raashii Khanna's skincare secret includes two ingredients

Raashii Khanna’s skincare secret includes two ingredients&nbsp

We always look up to our favourite celebs for lifestyle inspiration. With the way they lead their life, these celebs always manage to impress us. Tinsel town divas often leave us gushing over their flawless skin and luscious hair, and we are left wondering about the secret behind the same. 

Thanks to social media, these divas often share their secrets with us. And one diva who never shies away from sharing her beauty hack is Raashii Khanna. 

Raashii, who is known for her work in the Telugu and Tamil film industries, is very famous on Instagram. In one of her recent posts, she talked about how skincare doesn’t have to be expensive. 

She went on to write, “Skincare is essential, makeup is a choice..! And skincare doesn’t have to be expensive! I tend to go back to techniques passed through generations like multani mitti or just besan and dahi.” 

Multani mitti has been a part of Indian beauty secrets for a long while and it has many skin benefits. It not only cools down the skin but also helps one achieve that flawless glow. Interestingly, this ingredient can also help in soothing irritated skin and is also known for fighting acne. 

The best part is that one can make a multani mitti face pack at home just by mixing this ingredient with rose water. 

Besan is also very common in Indian households. Many would know that it is also very beneficial for the skin. Several beauty enthusiasts use an ubtan made by besan to keep their skin healthy and glowing. Now, there can be many variations to this pack, but you can make a basic one by mixing besan with yogurt, honey and rosewater. According to your skin type, you can also make changes to this face pack. 

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