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Organic & Natural Certified Skin & Hair Care Products

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Well, I am moving towards natural products that help me with good hair and skin due to extensive travelling and exposure to various weather conditions and water. My hair is already dry and winters are here to add some more dryness to my strands. I received this ORGANIC OIL for DRY HAIR from Mirah Belle, a brand dedicated to give you the best quality, healthy & effective products.

Dipti K., Mumbai

Recently got my hands on Jasmine Face Spray from @mirahbellenaturals. It has jasmine which is good for fighting depression and rejuvenate your mind. This facial spray make your skin fresh and keeps it glowing all day long. It has antiseptic & antibacterial properties which heals your skin and helps in treating skin infections. Ditch your astringent this summer and switch to this all natural jasmine face spray.

Ria Gautam


A lot of time we have a through look at the skin and realize that the usage of regular products isn’t enough… Our skin needs a little extra care to reflect the radiance and glow that we desire… Therefore the best thing to include in your beauty regime today is toner… The Rose – Chamomile Skin Softening Face Toner is an excellent product bringing in the fresh feel of rose with the goodness of chamomile.

Bhumika Patil

I read a report once which said that one of the most prominent problems faced by our generation is dull hair leading to baldness. I was already experiencing dry hair and it was then I decided to purchase the Argan – Hibiscus Hair Repair Serum about one month back. I didn’t expect that I would have silky smooth and soft hair so quickly. 

Charu Miglani


My hair began to turn grey when I was 19 years old. My friends asked me to color my hair but I didn’t have so much patience. When the Black Walnut – Hibiscus Hair Darkening Spray was inaugurated.The natural ingredients like aloe vera, black walnut, and hibiscus extract in the spray are so effective that I don’t even need to maintain the hair color with additional products.

Neha Patil

My lips used to be dry and chapped since as long as I can remember. This problem takes a turn for the worse during winters. As I was bracing myself for the onset of winters, a friend gifted me the Unscented Sensitive Lip Balm. Amazingly, my lips are always moisturized which keeps me energized all day!

Krishan Gulia


I never anticipated that I would have dark circles underneath my eyes when I first joined a job in my early twenties. A friend suggested the Papaya – Sweet Almond Dark Circles Eye Cream to get rid of the puffiness and dark circles. IT WORKED! Unlike other eye creams that I had tried previously, this product doesn’t allow any signs of tiredness creep into my eyes in the form of dark circles or baggy eyes.

Trish Chatt


I work for 14 hours a day and usually want my baths to be luxurious. Two months back, I stepped into the shower to see I had run out of soap. I might have bought Rose Mulberry Dry Skin Body Wash impulsively but I have come to notice the difference since then. The rose essential oil in this body wash makes my skin feel moisturized and I smell like flowers all day long.

Abha Kumari


I have been using this soap for 1 month. I have seen great results after using this soaps . I used many remidees for removing dark spots on face but no results found,but this soap made that job excellently. I witnessed many benefits like glowing skin, spot reduction, fresh feelings moreover they are purely organic. This soap never leaves a residue on my skin. It definitely cleans well without drying my skin, either.

Samriddhi Gupta


Due to chemicals used in regular hand washes, the skin on my hands had become dry and flaky. At first, I was skeptical to try another brand but a friend strongly recommended the Natural Green Apple Hand Wash. After a few washes, my skin has become soft and supple, perhaps because of the presence of glycerin. If you have dry skin, then this is the Hand Wash to go for!

Vikas Roy



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