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NYX Professional Makeup The Brow Glue

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Rated 3.96 out of 5 stars

712 Reviews

Most Helpful Positive Review

The eyebrow glue is good

Nyx eyebrow glue is great* it’s the first brand I’ve tried* I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Most Helpful Critical Review

Worse than putting Elmer’s liquid glue on your eyebrows

Was hoping to replace my glycerin soap and spoolie soap brow routine with this all-in-one product, but was very disappointing. I tried both applying my brow pencil/ pomade/ pen before and after using the brow glue – The glue would weigh the eyebrow hairs down creating a drooping and messy look and would remove/move around any brow product I would have applied already. If you are looking to achieve the fluffy brow look – I would stick to a wax-based product or just stick to any other drug store glycerin soap (which I personally find to work the best)

Reviewed by 712 customers

The love of my life


Evelin from United States

I started using this when it first came out and I use almost every single day. I think what some people have issues with is they don’t know how much to apply. If you apply too much it can get gunky. I also see complaints about it leaving the surrounding brow area sticky…just get a cotton swab with water or micellar water and clean up the area. It’s not hard to use at all I’ve bought like 10+ tubes already



Bonnie from PA

The best brow glue out. Works great. Lasted all day and I work in a restaurant and my brows did not move. Hands down the best and will buy again

In love


Kari from TX – Texas

does its job and lasts all day. will definitely buy again

My new everyday thing


Drea from Lincoln ca

Looks amazing



Shiloh from Seattle WA

So easy to use and stays all day

Best brow glue


Pamela from San Diego

Best glue , keeps my brows looking nice and slick .



Your mom




Lana from SoCal

I used a brow tint to comb through my brows after putting makeup on everyday.. but this is a game changer! I love this because I can use less gel and my brows are softly laid down, I don’t like the extreme look of a brow lamination so I am in love!!! I think because I only need a small amount of product of run through my brows this will last a while so it’s definitely worth it!!!! TRY IT!

Overhyped, Got2b is still better


McKayla from Lansing, Michigan

I want something to hold the laminated brow look all day that’s better than the Got2be glued hair gel because that one flakes but it does hold my hairs all day. With this, it stays wet so you have to wait for it to dry a little to apply product and then my hairs fall after like an hour and they’re just waxy all day. Okay product but probably won’t purchase again.



rae90 from Fayetteville

Gets the job done!

Feels like clumpy glue


Rosebud from Pennsylvania

Lives up to the Glue name and not in a good way. Super chunky and leaves a film and doesn’t even hold the best I’m disappointed. Very think too.

Never using anything else!


MrsMommaB from Carlisle, Kentucky

I am in love with this product. It used to take me FOREVER to do my brows. No it literally takes like 2 minutes. I apply the glue, fill in the sparse places and done. They are set for the rest of the day. My makeup drawer will never be without it!

Needs more holding power.


K124 from undisclosed

Holds OK but not extremely well. Shapes brows great but needs extra holding power

I wanted to love but it super dries and flakes on brows !


Jessi from Bakersfield,ca

Dont like it at all !

Definitely has maximum hold for brows.


Kayla from Savannah, Ga

This is definitely the best product for brows



Nena from Brighton co

Works great

Es bueno


Boria from Puerto Rico

A veces se mezcla con la base, pero eso ya es mi problema



OKAY from Maryland

I recommend wearing this alone. I tried using my brow pomade with it and it didn’t mix well together. it just became clumpy.. I still love how it holds my eyebrows tho




At first I did like it, but after 3-4 times of use I notice that it leaves a white cast on the brows which is not a cute look! LOL. Also, if you do your base makeup first, the bottle does start to turn from clear to whatever color your foundation is. I threw mine out yesterday, would not buy again.

I really love this.


Ot from NY

This product holds my brows in place all day & does not budge. It does get a bit flaky if I use too much but it’s just so good & at a more than affordable price I can overlook it.

Lasts for 5 minutes


Eves from texas

I really wanted to like this, and was so excited to try it to achieve the feathered brow effect. However, after 5 minutes of having this product on my brows the beautiful feathered effect I created went away and my brow hairs immediately started to go down to the point where my brows looked so un-blended that you could literally see separation between my brow powder that I use to fill in my brows and my brow hairs . Gave this so many chances and tried different techniques but it was unfortunately a waste of money.

Quality goes down quickly


Gabbie from US

After almost finishing the product, there has been a clear shift in quality as air was introduced into the tube and the product got whitish and gummy. I tried to squeeze out the air to help it last longer when recapping, but the packaging isn’t great. Ultimately, I won’t be repurchasing because I only got 1 month of painless use out of it. Other thoughts: -wand is larger than other wands I’ve tried -wand doesn’t pick up/lay down product evenly; have to take some off on the back of my hand before application -doesn’t set down fully, but after the first application you can’t go back over it or it will get flaky -holds if brows aren’t touched or you don’t sweat (for reference I have thick unruly brows) -gives brows a slight sheen

i would buy this product again!


tpaige from sd

holds in place for all day im in love with the fluffy brows lately.

Good enough, but not the strongest


Beez from Los Angeles

It’s not as strong as soap, but more convenient. Fill in brows first, use this product, then shape or flatten with clean brush; don’t get powder or foundation anywhere near it as it will pick up product, look flakey, & lose hold. I have thick straight brows and the ends don’t lay down. This helps shape them, but doesn’t keep them flat like soap (the strongest) or harder brow/mustache wax.

Too tacky


Antonina from Seattle

I don’t like how my brows look when I use this. It’s too tacky and uncomfortable to use.


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