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Masaba Gupta Starts her Day With This Alkaline Drink and it has Tons of Benefits

The first meal or drink of your day holds great importance. After hours of sleeping, when you wake up – you should be very cautious of what you consume. In the majority of households, people drink 1-2 glasses of fresh water on an empty stomach as they believe it is the best drink to refresh their system. People also prefer to kickstart their day with a warm cuppa, especially during winters. But celebrity fashion designer Masaba Gupta swears by a healthy alternative which is  ash gourd juice.

Posting an image of her alkaline drink on her now-expired Instagram stories, Masaba wrote, “I keep asking myself this — are we uselessly chasing weight loss, when we should actually be chasing an alkaline body?” The designer mentioned that Ayurveda really pushes people to have an alkaline system, and further highlighted the concept of Ayurveda which promotes an alkaline diet for a healthy body.

According to Ayurveda, the ideal pH for the human body is between 7.30 and 7.45, which is slightly alkaline in nature. Therefore, it is advised that people should consume alkaline foods to bring a balance and reduce the risk of acidity in the body.

Drinking ash gourd juice on an empty stomach has tons of benefits, some being:

  1. Aids weight loss

One glass of ash gourd juice early in the morning not just aids weight loss but keeps your energy level high throughout the day.

  1. Cleaning of the small and large intestines

This juice is a detoxifying agent that absorbs all the toxins, germs, and contamination accumulated in the body. Therefore, it is best consumed in the morning.

  1. Relieves sciatica

If you experience pain, that radiates along the sciatic nerve – which runs down both legs from the lower back, the ash gourd juice can help you get rid of it.

  1. Cooling Agent

Due to its rich water content, the ash gourd juice has cooling properties, hence it acts as a perfect cooling agent.

  1. Great diuretic

It detoxifies the kidneys, promotes the healthy working of the bladder, and also comforts the digestive belt, and flushes out the waste.

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