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Kidney Failure Treatment Center in Delhi

Affection in the kidney gets started when renal functioning is not working precisely the way it should work. It also has stages, it starts with infection and ends up in kidney failure, as we know kidneys are the most important organ in our body it works as a purifier. Following are the 5 stages seen during research.
* Stage 1- When the kidney starts being affected by a small infection. In this stage Symptoms develop slowly and are so common like mild cough and flu, without a test or checkup it’s impossible to find out that this is a kidney disease. At this stage, the GFR(Glomerular Filtration Rate) would be greater than 90ml./min.
* Stage 2- In this stage, symptoms are a bit clear to recognize like Patient may feel weakness, foamy urine etc. The GFR at this would be between 90 and 80ml./min.
* Stage 3- In the middle stage of kidney disease or kidney failure can be controlled easily so for better treatment it is divided into Stage 3A and Stage 3B. At stage 3A, the GFR would be between 45 and 59ml./min. At stage 3B, THE GFR would be between 30 and 44ml./min.
* Stage 4- At this stage, the symptoms of kidney disease are very clear to recognize. The symptoms would be high blood pressure, fatigue, breathless, foamy and smelly urine and dark colored urine. At this stage, the GFR would be between 15 and 39ml./min.
* Stage 5- Kidney failure, the last stage of kidney disease. patients have to move for the dialysis process and lastly kidney transplant. At this stage, the GFR level will drop lower than 15ml./min.


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