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Katrina Kaif Flaunts Her Mehndi Design in Pic from Honeymoon with Vicky Kaushal

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal in a picture post marriage (R)

Katrina Kaif shows the deep colour of henna on her hands after marriage as she shares a picture on social media. Take a look.

  • Last Updated:December 19, 2021, 20:15 IST

Newlywed Katrina Kaif does not seem to stopping short of expressing her love Vicky Kaushal on social media. After the celebrity couple wed in a Jaipur resort in a Rajwada style setting on Dec 9, they have been sharing mesmerising pictures from their union for the fans.

After the marriage, Katrina and Vicky reportedly jetted off to an undisclosed location for a short vacation. Katrina, on Saturday night, shared an image which seems to be from her short honeymoon with Vicky. Posing by the beach, Katrina shared the picture of her hands showing the deep colour of henna that she put on the occasion of her mehndi ceremony.

As per the custom, it is said that the deeper the colour of henna on a newlywed’s hands, the stronger their love is for their partner and we can’t get over the fact how beautifully rich the colour of mehendi has come out to be on Katrina’s hands. Katrina is also trying to imbibe the Punjabi culture as she wore the chooda in her picture. Earlier, she had prepared halwa in the kitchen as Vicky’s bride.

Earlier, it was reported that a special Sojat mehandi from Rajasthan was gifted to Katrina for the pre-wedding ceremony at the Barwara Fort in Sawai Madhopur district.

The mehendi, which originates from mehndi leaves grown in Sojat, were used in the celebrity wedding. A Sojat-based firm was given an order to supply around 20 kg of mehendi powder along with 400 mehndi cones and the bride and the bridesmaids all were decked up in the special henna for Katrina’s big day.

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