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The other day you helped me with my broken laundry sachet and missing mixer bottles. I was nervous about calling because it was my first experience with the company and wasn’t sure what kind of experience I would have. It was excellent! Quick, friendly, and efficient! You resolved my issue without any trouble and were so kind, just what I needed for a first experience with Pure and Gentle. Additionally, you asked me what my favorite product was. It’s been a couple days of using them and my favorite, by leaps and bounds, is the glycerin bars!!! I have stopped using my regular face wash and my shaving creams, replacing them with Pure and Gentle glycerin. My skin is so soft and my razor feels like new Every. Single. Time! It seems the red blotchiness from my face is lessening and it’s only been a few days! I’m even using it for my kids at bath time. My husband is about to switch from his [brand name omitted] soap (which he’s been loyal to for 20 years)! So far, I love all the products (second is the hand soap, which is amazing!) and am grateful to have these in my home.

Rachel S.


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