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Shilajit description and chemical composition

Modern research shows that Mumio Shilajit is a complex substance in its chemical structure, formed in some mountain regions of the world (with specific characteristics). In other words, it is a natural mixture of organic and inorganic, well-soluble substances in water. Mumio Shilajit itself is formed in rock cracks, voids and niches and is a film, crust or growth of black and dark brown resinous masses with an admixture of sand and gravel.

Mountaindrop Mumio Shilajit is cleared of impurities, these masses become uniform, elastic in their consistency, usually with a shiny surface. They have a peculiar aromatic smell, a slightly bitter taste and a melting point equal to 80°C. It is this mixture that is called the mumio. It is perfectly preserved, despite the fact that during prolonged storage it loses the moisture contained in it and gradually hardens. However, being re-placed in water, it easily and quickly dissolves.


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