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Glee Waxes and Creams: The Tools For Your Hair Chores

we are experiencing longer than usual shipping times, but we are committed to your shaving needs.

starter kit only $10 + free shipping

starter kit only $10

+ free shipping

the wax strips

the wax strips

glee wax strips are for removing hair from your body. they provide long-lasting results, which means you won’t have to wax again for a really long time, which is pretty great if you ask us.

  • available in body, bikini and face strips
  • lasts up to 28 days
  • no need to rub before use
  • eliminates hair in one application

the creams

glee hair removal cream is a honeydew melon scented–cream that gets rid of your body hair in 3-5 minutes. if only you could get rid of other things that fast, like student debt or jeans that don’t fit anymore…let’s just focus on hair removal for now, though.

  • results in 2-5 minutes (face) or 3-5 minutes (body)
  • long-lasting results
  • smells like honeydew melon
  • leaves skin feeling smooth

the creams the razors

the new yellow razor

this razor will give you a really good shave and it comes in a universally bathroom-flattering color.

  • 2x five bladed refills
  • a protective lubrastrip
  • non-slip grip

the disposables

having to shave is a chore no matter how you slice it. but getting the right razors can make all the difference. that’s why we’re bringing it back to the basics with a razor blade so adorably smooth, now shaving isn’t such a task.

  • 8x three-bladed disposable razors
  • an ultra-comforting, protective lubrastrip
  • multicolor handles
  • shower hook
  • resealable bag

the creams smart label adchoices


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