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Hello I am using your product the lemon lip balm. It works miracles, I could see some changes in the texture of my lips within 3 days. It works amazing n it’s been almost a month n my lips skin has improved a lot. It had been a year since I had dry lips. Now it’s absolutely soft. Thank you Nishantaini for suggesting an amazing product. I absolutely love it. Now you have a customer for life. I love Bon Organics

Angel Thomas

Hey! I got your rose lip stain. I have used it for lips, as a blush and as an eyeshadow. It is amazing with beautiful tint. The fragrance is just superb. One should definitely invest in this lip stain if you are looking for natural, reasonable look. its definitely worth it. I am going to make a video on this for my channel too.

Karvy Gupta

Hi Nishantaini, I must Thank you personally for the tip n Love️.. Am following up your suggestions on hair care n getting better… Am totally drawn to all the products especially Neem & Tea Tree Face Wash, Rose Lip Stain & Aloe Gel of Neem, Saffron Papaya. Been using 2 weeks by now. To my amazement it works like a miracle.. To get rid off pimple n blemish marks has never been so easy, but within few days Bon Aloe Neem gel does the wonders. Am so happy with the products (Tbh these are my Treasures) I’ve chosen. Neem & Tea Tree Face Wash gives a fresh look. Skin feels so Alive 🤗 after wash.. Best thing to gift our besties 🤗 They’ll surely thank us for gifting them good products.. placed my order to gift my bestie already.. Me & Bon Organics bonding so close together🤗.. AM THANKFUL TO BON ORGANICS 🤗 & TO U TOO, Nishantaini !

Devi Shiv

The jasmine water is a bliss Even before spraying when i smelled it from the nozzle i fell in love️ It is the purest and most beautifully fragrant smell I’ve ever smelt. Wow️


I recently bought aloe and papaya and saffron gel, its really awesome. Removed my dark spots in my nose in one week itself complexion has also enhanced. All thanks and love to you….

Amirthavalli Asokan

I have tried for the first time Aloe Vera shampoo my goodness I’m so so glad that I stumbled upon your Instagram page.. Seriously my hair feels so soft, manageable and bouncy too.. Definitely I’m gonna recommended to all my family n friends about your products.. Gonna try on few more of the products.. Kudos to you and all of your team BON ORGANICS.. Awesome products!!!! Already used aloe shampoo just got one more to staple.. Aloe gel and lip stain are already on my top favs… Thank you Sooo much BON organics !!!!🥰

Geetha Mahesh

I have been using the face loose powder for close to 2 months now. It worked like charm for me. I really love it. Rose water as toner and dab the face powder. Am done for my day. Thank you so much for such products. Am really grateful

Ponnalagi Muthukumar

Hey, I ordered so many products like shampoo, dry shampoo, conditioner, eyeliner, lip balm, & lip stain because your products are not just products they are feelings. N you won’t believe but i have stopped buying high brand make up. Wherever I go I just carry BON products ️ N im like spreading about BON to my friends n family as well.


I’ve been using the Bon Organics Aloe Vera gel for the last couple of weeks now and it’s an ABSOLUTE game changer! Love it, I’ve recommended to literally ALL my friends!! Just wanted to thank you guys, my skin has never felt better!!

Aishwarya menon

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