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Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes, Herbal Medicine for Diabetes

Essence of Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda “Keep The Well Healthy”

Dr. BM Hegde Ayurveda for Diabetes

According to Dr. B.M Hegde, the field of Human Wellness and Illness seems to be the Raging Business Arena these days. While at least 1 million people are ill every day, everyone is trying to make money in this domain. Dr. Hegde also quotes that “For every pill, there is an ill following, but for every ill, there is no pill”.

Holistic Approach for Diabetes

Dr. BM Hedge also suggests changing the mode of living for being well.

Concerned about India being the Diabetes Capital of the world, it’s high time to change this kind of atmosphere by going back to our ancient roots where we lived millions of years without the help of these modern chemical molecules.

Today Indian Wisdom of Ayurveda is known as the Mother of all Medical Wisdom. He says with the change in our lifestyle; diabetes can be tactfully handled. According to him, diabetes can be managed with the help of the Ayurvedic Herbal Supplement using herbs such as Turmeric and Bitter Guard to eliminate diabetes from the roots.


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