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7 Ayurvedic Face Ubtans For That Perfect Summer Glow

It’s summer-time, and everyone wants to look like a diva. Face ubtan is a specialised skincare treatment that can help you achieve that glow on the skin for your favourite occasion. Ubtan is a form of a natural powder or paste that is applied as a mask all over the face and body. As per ancient Indian texts, the origin of ubtan dates back to the Vedic times when the paste was primarily used for beautification and protection of skin. The Ayurvedic body cleanser smells of herbs, spices, cereals, pulses, and nuts that work together to cleanse and nourish the skin deeply to reveal a natural glow. Different recipes of ubtan use different ingredients but some of the most common ingredients are oatmeal, saffron, chickpea flour, almonds, turmeric, masoor dal, sandalwood, neem powder, and fennel. These ingredients are essentially known to brighten and smoothen the skin while effectively cleansing and exfoliating. 

Best Face Ubtans To Pick For Glowing Skin

Here, we have put together a list of seven amazing face ubtans that will work like a charm: 

1.     Enokii Skin Brightening Ubtan Face Mask 

This soap-free face ubtan has a bright ochre colour and works as a cleanser, scrub and mask and is perfect for removing pigmentation and skin brightening. Made using some amazing ayurvedic herbs like turmeric, liquorice and saffron, it helps to reverse sun damage, resulting in brighter, more radiant, and healthier skin.  

2.     Alps Goodness Ubtan Powder 

Made using a traditional Ayurvedic formula, this face mask helps improve skin texture, lighten dark spots and deeply cleanse the skin to provide a natural glow. Thanks to the presence of sandalwood, wheat flour, chickpea and turmeric, it will help you get rid of body tan, control acne and give you softer, brighter skin, while treating premature signs of ageing and keeping your skin looking youthful. 

3.     Nat Habit Fresh Lemon Burst Ubtan 

This beauty enhancing ubtan comprises of gram flour, charoli, wild turmeric, nee, almond oil and lemon like ingredients that help smoothen the skin surface and adds a natural glow. It can be used bathing as well as cleansing your face. It attends to bring out the lost radiance and sheen of the skin as it has antioxidant properties. 

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4.     Khadi Mauri Herbal Ubtan Face Pack 

Suitable for all skin types, this helps the skin fight the early signs of aging by stimulating the tissue repair procedure. It will gently remove suntan, exfoliate and detox your skin as well as reduce pigmentation marks. To get the best results, use it along with rose water, almond oil or ghee.  

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5.     Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Soundarya 

This Ayurvedic ubtan targets tanned areas, pigmentation, pimples and dark spots. Enriched with fenugreek, saffron, rose flower extract and turmeric, its natural ingredients revitalize the skin and get away with excess oil and impurities. It also provides nourishment and replenishes the lost glow of the skin.  

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6.     Mamaearth Ubtan Face Pack Mask 

This cruelty-free product is gentle enough to be used on infants as well. Infused with the goodness of apricot oil, it penetrates deep into the skin and cleanses all traces of dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells. It also gets rid of excess signs of tanning and brightens the skin tone. 

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7.     Mother Sparsh Turmeric Face Ubtan Powder 

A herbal formulation that helps to detoxify the skin and exfoliate to enhance the radiance of the skin, this ubtan makes the skin clean by clearing the pores and making it smoother. Continued use makes skin nourished and glowing. It can be used few times a week to exfoliate your skin, control excessive oiliness, reduce dark spots and add a natural radiant glow. 

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Being made from natural ingredients facial ubtans re-vitalize the skin to make it healthy and radiant. Just pick any of these magical ubtans to flaunt your best look this summer!  


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