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32 Cheap And Useful Products That Deserve Your Full Attention

BuzzFeed writer Harper Hendrickson swears by these compression socks and said: “Hi, my name is Harper and I’m here to tell you about some socks that recently changed my life. I’m talking about Melerio copper-infused compression socks. I tried them on a whim when I was really sick over the summer, and boy am I glad I did. As soon as I put these babies on, I could immediately feel their power. They definitely compress — they are pretty tight and can take a sec to get on, but I promise it’s worth it! I am disabled, immune compromised, and I struggle with daily asthma flare-ups, inflammation, and muscle aches. The very first time I put a pair of these on, I felt…so much better? I immediately asked my partner to try them too to see their reaction, and, well, that pair is theirs now.

“These socks improve my circulation, soothe my aches, and the compression element also helps me feel really calm and grounded (I sleep in these!). I’m extremely allergic to mold, and copper is mold resistant, so the fact that these are copper-infused turned out to be a huge win-win for me. It’s worth noting I wore these socks while I was living in the desert, and they lasted through the extreme heat (109+ temps), and the many skate sessions, hikes, and washes I put them through. It was, and still is, empowering to start my day with one positive thing I could do for my body to get a little relief — slap on a fresh pair of these socks! Did a pair of socks cure all of my woes? Absolutely not. But they did help me feel well enough to leave the house, get outside, and start my long journey to recovery.” 

Get a four-pack from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in three sizes and two colors).


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