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Perfect gifts for Dog Lovers & Nail Suppiles

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Peace, Love & Dogs offset) { $(‘.back-to-top’).fadeIn(duration); } else { $(‘.back-to-top’).fadeOut(duration); } }); $(‘.back-to-top’).unbind(‘click.smoothscroll’).bind(‘click’, function(e) { e.preventDefault(); $(‘html, body’).animate( { scrollTop: 0 }, duration); return false; }) }); } ]]> 0 && cartBtn.offsetWidth <351 && (selects.length === 0 || selects[0].offsetParent === null)) { = cartBtn.offsetWidth + 'px'; = cartBtn.offsetWidth + 'px'; } else { = '350px'; = '350px' } this.alignWraper(messengerWrapper,settings.align) var iconDiv = document.createElement('div'); iconDiv.setAttribute('style', 'position:absolute;left:0;width:25%;padding:13px 0;height:100%;text-align:center;'); = settings.icon_background_color; = settings.border_radius + 'px'; = settings.border_radius + 'px'; var iconImg = document.createElement('img'); iconImg.src = '' + settings.icon + '.png?4295918388649998166'; = '48px'; iconDiv.appendChild(iconImg); var checkboxWrapper = document.createElement('div'); checkboxWrapper.setAttribute('style', 'position:absolute;left:0;height:100%;margin-left:25%;width:75%;display:table;'); 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SkinMedica Review: 10 Best SkinMedica Products

A higher number of people are accepting skincare as part of their beauty routines.

Whether you are an ardent fan of skin care products or are just starting the journey towards discovering brands, there’s one company we’d like to introduce. Since 1999, SkinMedica has created a range of premium skin products that cater to skin health and beauty.

Developed by dermatologists, the products use various research-based ingredients that are tested for quality and safety. If you want to get a better understanding of SkinMedica’s best-selling products, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve reviewed the ten best SkinMedica products on the market today, along with answering any questions you may have about the brand.

Without further ado, let’s check the reviews-

10 Best SkinMedica Products

1. SkinMedica Retinol Complex

SkinMedica Retinol Complex 0.5 Age Defense is an exclusive formula that contains the PhytoShield Complex. This anti-oxidant complex enhances skin texture and minimizes irritation, thus ideal for sensitive skin. The formula is also available in 0.25% and 0.1% retinol strength for customers to choose from.

Essentially, due to the powerful properties of retinol, this formula improves collagen production and boosts new cell generation. Also, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that make the skin look coarse and dull. With retinol, other components of niacinamide, vitamin E, and collagen-stimulating peptides help improve skin tone and resilience. 


The product quantity is slightly less for the price.


Overall, this was an incredible formula for those looking to reduce visible signs of aging. It Is easy to apply and shows results within a few weeks of use. 

2. SkinMedica AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

If you are looking for a soothing, rejuvenating cleanser that improves skin texture while removing dead cells, this product is worth considering. Gently scrubbing this exfoliating cleanser removes grime and excess oils, plus the alpha-hydroxy and beta-hydroxy components improve skin tone, texture, and appearance. Instead of AHA and BHA in their pure form, this formula consists of extracts of fruits like apples and lemons that have natural AHAs.

Another useful ingredient used is salicylic acid, which controls sebum secretion in the skin. It is excellent for clearing the pores to reduce acne, common in naturally oily skin. The dead skin build-up is responsible for dull-looking skin, but you do not have to worry about it with this powerful exfoliator. Over time the texture and tone of the skin improve visibly with regular use of the product.


The cost of the product is on the higher side, considering the volume of cleanser per bottle.


The natural ingredients used in the formula make it a safe option for exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin cells. We also liked that the formula reduced discoloration and brightened the skin tone. 

3. SkinMedica Rejuvenative Moisturizer 

The problem of recurring dry skin may not reduce with over-the-counter moisturizers, and hydrating formulas may be necessary to fix the issue. The skin biologists at this company have developed a formula that restores lost moisture without making the skin appear oily. Thus, the SkinMedica Rejuvenative moisturizer is perfect for normal to dry skin types, providing intense moisture and preventing flaking and dullness. 

For best results, experts recommend using this product twice a day after cleansing, toning, and treatment products, if any. Ideal for combating dryness on the face and neck, a small amount is sufficient for application as it spreads easily on the skin.


This product is available for shipping in US states only. 


The intense moisture the product restores to the skin is unmatched by any regular cream or lotion on the market. Plus, you can continue using it until the skin improves as a daily face moisturizer.

4. SkinMedica Ultra Sheer Moisturizer

Some of you may not require the deeply hydrating properties of the Rejuvenating moisturizer, and something lightweight might be ideal. Oily skin may need a product that brightens the skin while not feeling too heavy, like the Ultra Sheer moisturizer. Infused with the properties of vitamins C and E, this product is super nourishing when worn daily.

Since the formula uses vitamin C ester, a stable form of vitamin C, regular application improves skin tone and radiance. Applying this formula is best on sunny days or areas with hot weather since the product is not sticky and oily after application. People with sensitive or acne-prone skin will find that using the moisturizer helps significantly reduce recurrent breakouts. 


The formula may be too sheer, and light for mature skin, and thus applying in larger amounts may be necessary for hydration.


The brand has carefully selected two vitamins, E and C, that have a nourishing effect on the skin. Its formula is light, simple, non-comedogenic, and will suit most skin types. 

5. SkinMedica TNS Advanced+ Serum

The TNS Advanced serum is similar to TNS Essential Serum; it smoothens the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The formula consists of TNS-MR, which has human fibroblast conditioned media, commonly known as the growth factor blend. This blend is responsible for evening the skin texture and reducing wrinkles in the process.

Since the bottle has a dual-chamber system, you get two formulas in one purchase. The first one has TNS-MR, while the second chamber contains RENESSENSCE (RSC) ADVANCED. The formula of RSC is made of extracts from natural ingredients like flaxseed and is designed to support the TNS growth factor. 


Sometimes, the bottle pumps may not function correctly to get an even amount of product on the palm.


With the goodness of marine extracts, green microalgae, and botanicals, the RSC perfectly combines with TNS-MR to give you a nourishing formula. It is the perfect everyday serum for youthful-looking skin.

6. SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream

Dry skin calls for specialized skin care creams, and the SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream is a potent version of drugstore creams that may not provide adequate moisture. As we have seen with this brand, they have quite a range of skin hydration products, and this cream also has ingredients that soothe the skin.

Switch to this cream if you do not see significant improvement in skin dryness with over-the-counter creams. This product restores the texture and tone, making the skin softer and supple to touch. Since it is infused with potent vitamins C and E, your skin gets its daily source of antioxidants that keep the cells younger for longer.


Color may not be pure white as some people expect it to be.


This repair cream is ideal for those with normal to dry skin, and everyday use is encouraged. Even though it comes in 1.7-ounce containers, it lasts long since a small amount is enough for regular use. 

7. SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator

The HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator serum is an excellent product for oily or acne-prone skin. The main ingredient, hyaluronic acid, moisturizes the skin by retaining a large amount of water that prevents the skin from drying and flaking. But the best part is that the product achieves these results without feeling sticky or heavy on the skin. 

Essentially, the formula is a high-potency moisturizer developed with exclusive VITISENSCETM technology. It uses the potent anti-oxidants naturally found in the Vitis Flower Stem cells, which smoothen the skin layer and keep it wrinkle-free. Perfect for whole-body use, the best way to reap its benefits is by applying the product twice on your skin, preferably after bathing.


Although there is no doubt about the benefits of using this hyaluronic acid-based product, it is slightly expensive compared to others on the market.


All in all, the HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator works instantly to smoothen the skin and supports the skin’s natural ability to stay free of lines. Plus, the formula also improves texture and gets rid of roughness with the first application.

8. SkinMedica 2.0 Lytera Pigment Correcting Serum

SkinMedica has spent considerable time researching and developing a formula that corrects skin discoloration gently. The 2.0 Lytera Pigment Correcting serum is the result of extensive brand research that balances long-standing uneven skin tones. The product contains a unique blend of brightening agents, hydrating ingredients, and peptides that even out the skin tone.

Unlike other skin brightening serums, this option does not contain parabens and fragrances that harm the skin in the long term. In fact, this formula does not use hydroquinone or retinol, and it is non-comedogenic, thus making it perfect for all skin types. It includes niacinamide which is one of the ingredients known to reduce blotchiness, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation in the skin. 


It might not work for all types of skin conditions.


The carefully selected ingredients in this product reduce the excessive production of melanin, thus brightening the complexion safely. Frequent application helps remove dark spots and works wonders on dull-looking skin. 

9. SkinMedica Vitamin C + E Complex

What makes this product unique is the use of two forms of vitamins C and E that are used for their anti-oxidant properties. Upon application, the skin receives high levels of vitamins C and E, which provide antioxidant protection throughout the day. The component Cyclopentasiloxane is used as a base to hold the other ingredients. As a result, the product boasts a silky texture and better spreadability.

Moreover, Vitamin C protects the skin from free radical damage, stimulates collagen production, and eventually lightens dark spots on the skin. On the other hand, vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant, but it also plays another role in skin health. It is known to retain moisture, thus keeping the outer layer of the skin hydrated.


It was disappointing that the product was not available in different bottle sizes.


Customers love the age defense product, and some even claimed it was hands down the best option for improving skin tone. It also works spectacularly well to strengthen the skin and improve elasticity. 

10. SkinMedica TNS Illuminating Eye Cream

Composed of a number of unique components, the TNS Illuminating eye cream is designed to retain skin texture around the eyes and even improve it. The skin under the eyes and the surrounding area is prone to darkening, developing wrinkles, crows, feet, and fine lines. Keeping this in mind, the makers have developed one such cream that smoothens the skin easily. 

The formula also contains a variety of other ingredients like chrysin and hydroxysuccinimide, both of which keep the dark circles under control. On the other hand, Boron nitride brightens the under-eye area and shows visible results upon the first application. 


Compared to some other similar products on the market, the price is on the higher end. 


TNS or Tissue Nutrient Solution encourages the natural rejuvenation of the skin to enhance appearance. It also smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and maintains texture without the use of harmful chemicals. 

Ingredients Used In SkinMedica Products

SkinMedica makes use of various research-based components that have a proven history of improving skin. Out of the many ingredients used in its range of products, here are some of the most frequently used ones-

1. Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

As it so happens, hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that gives the skin a smooth appearance. Thus, this ingredient is popular in the skincare industry, and every brand has its own version of HA creams, lotions, etc. According to research, HA might be linked to healing wounds by binding to the cell bodies [1]

When HA levels naturally decrease due to aging, the skin loses its firmness and becomes loose and saggy. [2] Adding HA to creams and skincare products helps add this essential component to the skin. Hyaluronic acid can bind almost 1000 times its weight in water which means it will add moisture to the skin and prevent it from evaporating quickly.

2. Vitamin C

You may have heard of the most popular antioxidant, vitamin C, and its extensive use in the skin nourishment industry. Due to its ability to defend against damage, SkinMedica uses stable forms of vitamin C in several products. It can lighten dark spots, brighten skin tone, and combat hyperpigmentation, all of which are concerns that customers frequently share.

Also, this ingredient can protect the skin against UV-induced photodamage, preventing patchy or blotchy skin. [3] Not only that, in many pieces of research, it was established that this component could reduce wrinkles and fine lines due to its anti-aging properties. [4] Additionally, collagen synthesis boosts when vitamin C or any of its forms is regularly applied to the skin.

3. Vitamin E

Another ingredient synonymous with skincare is vitamin E which is well known for its skin benefits. Similar to vitamin C, this component is also an antioxidant that helps protect the cells from free radical damage. However, there are key ways in which it improves skin when applied topically. One study mentioned that topically applied vitamin E prevented inflammation and oxidative stress on the skin. [5]

Mainly, vitamin E used in moisturizers effectively prevents the loss of moisture and softens the skin. Due to its anti-oxidant properties, it also protects the cells from damage. [6] Plus, vitamin E could assist in reducing the swelling, reddening, and thickening of the skin. Thus, it is no wonder that SkinMedica and numerous other brands choose vitamin E as the main ingredient in several skin creams. 

4. Salicylic Acid

While reading through the ingredient list of some skin lotions, you may have come across salicylic acid as a listed component. Out of the many benefits to skin upon application, the most important might be exfoliation, which helps oily and acne-prone skin.

In a 2015 study, subjects with moderate to severe acne were treated with salicylic acid peels. [7] Significant improvements were observed due to this ingredient as a result of its pore cleansing properties.

Salicylic acid penetrates the skin and clears the pores of dead skin cells, accumulated dirt, excess oils, and bacteria. As a result, oily skin and incidences of acne are significantly reduced. Due to its astringent properties, users also observe a tightening effect on the skin that closes large pores.

5. Retinol

SkinMedica also uses retinol as a prominent ingredient in products like Retinol Complex. Studies have concluded that retinoids work well when it comes to managing skin aging. [8] The first retinoid was Tretinoin which was used as a treatment for acne in the 1970s. It was much later that researchers found that in addition to acne, retinol could also reduce pigmentation and improve skin cell production.

With improved collagen production and increased cell turnover, this component assists in keeping the skin looking young and fresh. Regular application is often followed with improved skin texture, reduction of fine lines, and reduced incidences of breakouts. One thing to note is that retinol can be drying on the skin, which is why companies use it in combination with moisturizing agents.

6. Peptides

Peptides, or polypeptides as some may call them, occur naturally in the skin and are basically a bunch of amino acids that build tissues. To be specific, they create collagen in the skin, and the industry widely uses some form of these peptides to promote collagen production. Since natural collagen production reduces with age, application in the form of moisturizers and creams can enhance skin quality visibly. 

Most notably, collagen reduces deep wrinkles and fine lines by plumping the skin layers. [9] As a result, the layers become fuller and smoother, contributing to young-looking skin. Apart from collagen production, this ingredient also forms a part of proteins called elastin fibers. This helps in the elasticity of the skin and helps the surface look firm. 

7. Niacinamide

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 and is known to treat some skin conditions like eczema and acne. The vitamin can help improve keratin levels, thus keeping the skin firm and taut. It promotes the growth of a natural lipid barrier that keeps moisture trapped in the layers. Additionally, niacinamide protects against sun damage, hyperpigmentation, redness, and skin blotchiness. 

A 2019 study observed that niacinamide was proven successful in protecting skin cells from oxidative stress caused by particulate matter.[10] This displayed its restorative and protective properties that make it an excellent ingredient in skincare products. Also, the component can regulate oil production and prevent excessive sebum production. 

Are SkinMedica Products Worth It?

We think SkinMedica products are worth checking if you are looking for a long-lasting transformative solution to skin problems. The makers of this brand have created a range of products for all types of skin concerns and skin types. Thus, you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

Generally, the products are priced slightly higher than other brands on the market, but SkinMedica makes up for it by delivering long-term results.

Where To Buy SkinMedica Products From?

You can find SkinMedica products directly on the website and discover the entire range of skincare products in one place. Otherwise, they are also available on third-party platforms like Amazon.

Benefits Of SkinMedica Products

SkinMedica products use only clinically proven ingredients that have previously been verified to work in improving skin. The brand ensures the use of components and practices that are non-toxic and soothing to the skin. Thus, their formulations suit all skin types, even those with relatively sensitive skin. 

With a research-based approach, SkinMedica has successfully provided innovative formulas for rejuvenating and enhancing skin quality. Instead of relying on temporary fixes, this brand focuses on transforming the skin in the long term, which looks better and feels younger. 

Customer satisfaction is another aspect that makes this brand stand out among the crowd. Most of their moisturizers and creams have high ratings on third-party sites. 


In conclusion, we appreciated the honest approach to high-quality, research-based skincare SkinMedica provides. The best part is that they carefully select ingredients that work harmoniously with the natural healing abilities of the skin. This gentle approach ensures people of all skin types can benefit from them.

Since SkinMedica products were created to deliver results, one can expect their specialized products to show results in a matter of weeks. 













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Try These DIY Face Packs That Kareena Kapoor & Alia Bhatt Swear By For Glowing, Healthy Skin

Homemade face masks are not affordable but deliver some serious dose of skincare benefits when applied religiously. From treating pigmentation to acne, there are kitchen ingredients to treat any skin woes. And even our favourite celebs like Kareena Kapor Khan and Alia Bhatt rely on DIY home remedies for their skin.

Ahead, we’ve broken down Kareena’s and Alia’s favourite homemade face masks that they swear by for healthy skin. 

Kareena Kapoor Khan DIY face pack for clear, radiant skin

Credit: Instagram/kareenakapoorkhan

Kareena often posts bare-skin selfies on her Instagram and her clear and radiant complexion is not always due to facials. In fact, she turns to ingredients from her pantry to treat her skincare concerns. In a previous post, she shared with her audiences a summer  homemade face pack she loves to use. 

Also, in an interview, she has revealed that she doesn’t rely on facials and rather apply honey to clean and soften her skin. 


  • 2 tbsp sandalwood
  • 2 drops of Vitamin E
  • Pinch of turmeric 
  • Few drops of milk


In a bowl, mix together all the dry ingredients, including sandalwood and turmeric powder and then add Vitamin E and milk in it. If you wish, you can also replace milk with honey, which is also Kareena’s favourite skincare ingredient. Leave it onto your skin for 20 minutes and wash off with normal water. Make sure to use a hydrating moisturiser after it. 

Benefits of using this pack

Turmeric and sandalwood powder are known for their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to fight against acne and treat dark spots. And antioxidant rich vitamin E works to prevent skin from losing moisture and protect skin cells from damage. 

Alia Bhatt fuller’s earth homemade face pack for oily skin

Credit: Instagram/aliaabhatt

Alia Bhatt is a poster girl in minimal makeup and loves to flaunt her skin. And the credit for her blemish-free natural skin texture goes to her less is more approach. In an interview, Alia has expressed that she lets her skin breathe and avoid applying too much in it.

However, she does depend on the time-tested Ayurvedic ingredient, Multani Mitti, aka Fuller’s Earth for brightening and controlling sebum overproduction.


  • 1 tbsp of Multani Mitti
  • ½ tbsp of orange peel powder
  • 1 tsp of rose water


Mix all the ingredients together to create a thick paste and apply it all over the face. Keep it on your skin until the pack is fully dried and then wash off with water. Make sure not to leave this pack on your skin for more than 20 minutes as it can make it dry.

Benefits of using this pack

Multani mitti is a wonder ingredient for oily skin type and is an essential during the summers. It has a host of skincare benefits, including reducing sebum production, treating acne, acne scars, pigmentation and also helping to brighten up the skin tone. 

On the other hand, Vitamin C enriched orange peel powder aids in hydration, preventing oxidation stress and also helps to tone skin. 

Both these face packs are super easy to create. Let us know in the comments which one you’ll try first

Social and lead image credit: Instagram/kareenakapoorkhan and Instagram/aliaabhatt


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PGA Tour winners Im, Kim go for Asiad gold

Multiple PGA Tour winners Im Sung-jae and Kim Si-woo will tee up for South Korea at this year’s Asian Games in China, where gold medals could potentially spare the pair from compulsory military service.

Im and Kim, respectively ranked 19th and 51st in the world, have been selected in the four-man squad for team and individual competitions at the Asiad in September, the Korea Golf Association said.

South Korea requires all able-bodied men to serve in the armed forces for 18 months, normally between the ages of 18 and 28, but Olympic medallists and Asian Games gold medallists are rewarded with exemptions.

The Asian Games, an Olympic-sized multisports event, will this year allow professional golfers to compete for the first time since the sport made its debut in 1982.

The 24-year-old Im, the 2018-19 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year, has won twice on the elite US circuit.

Kim, who is 26, has won three times on the PGA Tour, including the prestigious Players Championship at Sawgrass in 2017.

“I am so happy to represent a national squad in the Asian Games. I will work hard to win a gold medal,” Im was quoted as saying by Yonhap news agency.

The Asian Games in Hangzhou, southwest of Shanghai, will run from September 10 to 25. Places in South Korea’s women’s golf team are to be filled by amateurs.

The South remains technically at war with North Korea since the 1950-53 conflict ended in a ceasefire, not a peace treaty.



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Harihara Veeramallu: పవన్ కల్యాణ్​ ‘హరిహర వీరమల్లు’లో బాలీవుడ్ హాట్​ బ్యూటీ?

Harihara Veeramallu Update: పవర్ స్టార్ పవన్ కల్యాణ్​ (Pawan Kalyan) నటిస్తున్న తాజా చిత్రం’హరిహర వీరమల్లు’ (Harihara Veeramallu). పీరియాడిక్ డ్రామాగా తెరకెక్కుతున్న ఈ చిత్రానికి  క్రిష్ జాగర్లమూడి దర్శకత్వం వహిస్తున్నారు. నిధి అగర్వాల్ హీరోయిన్‌గా నటిస్తోంది. ఈ చిత్రాన్ని ఐదు భాషలలో ఏఎమ్ రత్నం భారీ బడ్జెట్‌తో నిర్మిస్తున్నారు. చాలా రోజుల కిందటే నిర్మాణ పనులు మెుదలయిన..కొన్ని కారణాల వల్ల షూటింగ్ కు మధ్యలో బ్రేక్  పడింది. ప్రస్తుతం సినిమా చిత్రీకరణ శరవేగంగా జరుగుతుంది. మొగలుల కాలం నాటి కథతో ఈ సినిమాను రూపొందిస్తున్నారు. ఇందులో పవన్ వజ్రాల దొంగగా కనిపించినున్నట్లు వార్తలు వినిపిస్తున్నాయి. 

అయితే ఈ సినిమాలో బాలీవుడ్ నటులు  నర్గీస్ ఫక్రీ, అర్జున్ రాంపాల్ కీలకపాత్రల్లో నటించనున్నారు. తాజాగా మరో బాలీవుడ్ యాక్టర్ ఈ సినిమాలో భాగం కానున్నారు. ఆమె బీటౌన్ హాట్ బ్యూటీ నోరా ఫతేహి (Nora Fatehi). ఇందులో ఈ భామ నెగెటివ్ షేడ్స్ ఉండే గ్లామరస్ రోల్‌లో నటించబోతున్నట్లు టాక్ నడుస్తోంది. త్వరలో చిత్రబృందం దీనిపై అధికారిక ప్రకటన చేసే అవకాశం ఉంది. టాలీవుడ్ లో బాహుబలి, టెంపర్, ఊపిరి, లోఫర్ చిత్రాలలో ఐటెం సాంగ్స్ చేసి మంచి గుర్తింపు తెచ్చుకుంది ఈ అమ్మడు. రీసెంట్ గా పవన్​ సెట్స్​లో కసరత్తులు చేస్తున్న ఫొటోలను చిత్రయూనిట్ పోస్ట్ చేసింది. ఈ ఫిక్స్ నెట్టింట వైరల్ గా మారాయి. ఈ చిత్రానికి స్టార్ మ్యూజిక్ డైరెక్టర్ కీరవాణి సంగీతం అందిస్తున్నారు. 

Also Read: Ram Charan Upasana: చిరంజీవి అంటే భయమా లేదా ఉపాసననా.. తెలివైన సమాధానం ఇచ్చిన రామ్ చరణ్!

స్థానికం నుంచి అంతర్జాతీయం వరకు.. క్రీడలు, వినోదం, రాజకీయాలు, విద్య, ఉద్యోగాలు, హెల్త్, లైఫ్‌స్టైల్ .. A to Z అన్నిరకాల వార్తలను తెలుగులో పొందడం కోసం ఇప్పుడే Zee హిందుస్థాన్ యాప్ డౌన్‌లోడ్ చేసుకోండి.

Android Link –

Apple Link – 

Twitter , Facebookమా సోషల్ మీడియా పేజీలు సబ్‌స్క్రైబ్ చేసేందుకు క్లిక్ చేయండి.


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Top tips to make your high heels more comfortable

How to make heels comfortable

Here’s how to make your heels more comfortable this summer season. (Getty Images)

Yahoo Life’s editors are committed to independently selecting wonderful products at great prices for you. We may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

There’s something special about getting dressed up for a wedding but as 6pm rolls around, we can’t help but look to see if a box of flip flops will be presented to us in time for the dancing.

Wearing heels all day (and night!) isn’t easy, but thankfully influencer, Ms Kristine, has shared on TikTok and her Instagram what she described as ‘secret weapons’ to wear heels in a more comfortable way this wedding season.

With 66,000 likes on TikTok, Ms Kristine has clearly struck a chord with users, with one describing her as a ‘fashion icon’ for sharing her styling tips.

Taking her advice on board, we’ve tracked down all the best products to give your feet the best chance of feeling fresh after a day of being wedged into heels.

1. Get a good pair of gel insoles to keep your soles happy

Gel insoles were the original product designed to help your feet to thrive. Many products have been introduced to help our feet since then, but there’s still something great about these little cushions.

Designed to slip into either the ball of the foot or the heel, the discreet design takes some of the pressure off by absorbing the shock that comes with walking in heels.

If you’re wearing very high heels, try out Scholl’s comfy insoles for the balls of your feet. Those opting for a smaller heel, or a block heel with more support might prefer to go for Scholl’s everyday heels insoles instead.

Scholl Gel Activ Comfy Insoles Extreme Heels | £3.75 from Amazon

For those braving *very* high heels. (Amazon)For those braving *very* high heels. (Amazon)

For those braving *very* high heels. (Amazon)

These gel insoles will give you the most support, designed for those braving very high heels. The extra cushioning has been created to absorb the pressure that comes from heels with higher angles. The thin material has been created by foot care specialists not to crowd your toes.

Scholl Gel Activ Everyday Heels Insoles | £4.95 from Amazon

One for the everyday block heel wearers. (Amazon)One for the everyday block heel wearers. (Amazon)

One for the everyday block heel wearers. (Amazon)

One of the more common heel types for weddings at the moment is the block heel. Designed to be a mid-heel, the block design absorbs more of the pressure than its stilettoed friends. For this type of heel, you’ll need this non-slip design, created to be discreet in lower heels.

2. Buy an anti-blister stick to stop friction

A revelation for heel wearers everywhere, the blister stick acts as barrier between your shoes and your feet to stop the chafing movement that causes blisters. The sticks available are small enough to fit in even the tiniest of weddings bags for on-the-go blister prevention.

Never fear, your favourite shoes won’t get ruined by the gel, either. The non-greasy formula has been designed not to stain shoes and its invisible when it’s on, too.

Compeed Anti-Blister Stick | £3.40 from Amazon

A top-rated option for preventing blisters. (Amazon)A top-rated option for preventing blisters. (Amazon)

A top-rated option for preventing blisters. (Amazon)

Compeed’s anti-blister stick comes very highly recommended by reviewers with over 2,000 five star Amazon reviews. The portable anti-chafing stick will stop blisters in their tracks and leave you ready to tackle the dance floor past 7pm.

Vanibiss Foot Anti Blister Balm | £10.90 from Amazon

A natural chemical-free blister balm. (Amazon)A natural chemical-free blister balm. (Amazon)

A natural chemical-free blister balm. (Amazon)

This chemical-free blister balm utilises almond oil to prevent blisters when wearing heels. The all-natural, unscented balm is a great option for people who are easily irritated by balms and creams and works well to lessen callouses as well as blisters.

3. Invest in anti-slip grips so you can dance all night long

Rubber anti-slip grips are a great pick for weddings with slippery dance floors. Nobody wants to go sliding around the dance floor, and these anti-slip grips do much more than prevent an unexpected tumble.

Using grips on your shoes protects the soles and stop the click clacking noise that some shoes make. To stop blisters, these grips hold your shoe in place so your feet aren’t moving around as much in the shoe.

Unikstep 5 Pairs Shoe Sole Anti Slip Grips | £7.99 from Amazon

For protection of your feet and your shoes. (Amazon)For protection of your feet and your shoes. (Amazon)

For protection of your feet and your shoes. (Amazon)

Available in black, beige and red to match the bottoms of your shoes, these anti-slip grips come in packs of five and are primarily designed to reduce the chance of slipping and the noise that comes from heels. The added benefit; your feet aren’t swimming around in the shoe creating blisters. It’s a win-win.

4. Heel liners are about to become your best friend

Nothing ruins a night quicker than a big blister forming on your heel. The searing pain can turn a fun night into an ‘I need to go home’ night with immediate effect. Enter heel liners.

The cushioned liners slide into the back of the shoe to stop the rubbing effect on the heel. The way that the heel liners are designed also stops heels from aching towards the end of the night. Plus, if you’ve bought a pair of shoes that are too big for you, these liners help bolster out the shoe.

Ballotte Store Heel Grips | £8.97 from Amazon

These liners have multiple uses, from blister prevention to extra support. (Amazon)These liners have multiple uses, from blister prevention to extra support. (Amazon)

These liners have multiple uses, from blister prevention to extra support. (Amazon)

These cleverly designed liners stop your shoes from slipping and creating the worst type of blister; the heel blister. They’re designed for both men and women’s shoes (brogues are some of the worst wedding shoe offenders) and they come in handy packs of 12.

Heel Cushion Inserts | £7.59 from Amazon

A great way to relieve heel pain. (Amazon)A great way to relieve heel pain. (Amazon)

A great way to relieve heel pain. (Amazon)

We all know the ache that comes with wearing any shoe for a long period of time, let alone uncomfortable shoes. These heel cushion liners help you to maintain comfortable feet and the design means they’re easy to stick into any type of shoe.


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Formulary 55 – Modern Botanicals for Body & Home

Formulary 55 – Modern Botanicals for Body & Home Thank you!nFormulary 55″,”autoEmail”:false},”netTag”:”NET”,”enabled”:true,”autoPending”:false},”customer”:{“signup”:{“autoInvite”:false,”autoTags”:[“W-CREAM”,”W-BATHBAR”,”W-CANDLE”,”W-CANDLETEST”,”W-CREME”,”W-CREMETEST”,”W-FIZZIES”,”W-GUESTBAR”,”W-HOME”,”W-HOMECANDLE”,”W-HYDRO”,”W-HYDROTEST”,”W-MENS”,”W-SEASONS”,”W-SETS”,”W-TREATBODY”,”W-TREATFACE”,”NET”],”taxExempt”:true,”message”:”Thank you for your interest in Formulary 55. Our New Accounts Team will review your application within 2 business days typically to ensure your business qualifies for wholesale and your business location does not conflict with another stockist in your area. If your sales location is different than the Shipping Address you provided please email that information to sa***@fo*********.com.
nWe appreciate your support!nFormulary 55 Team”},”loginMessage”:”Log in to your wholesale account here.”,”accountMessage”:””,”redirectMessage”:”Keep an eye on your email. As soon as we verify your account we will send you an email with a link to set up your password and start shopping.”},”quantity”:{“cart”:{“minValue”:150},”migratedToCurrent”:true,”collections”:[{“rules”:{“indivMin”:9,”indivMult”:9},”id”:152088379480,”name”:”Wholesale Bath Bars”,”_id”:”5d9bba3a42e2a60016002c97″},{“rules”:{“indivMin”:12,”indivMult”:12},”id”:152095555672,”name”:”Wholesale Bath Tablets”,”_id”:”5d9bba51b2f2600016df3541″},{“rules”:{“indivMin”:3,”indivMult”:3},”_id”:”5f89a1b044707a005d7c8fa0″,”id”:152097095768,”name”:”Wholesale Gift Sets”},{“rules”:{“indivMin”:12,”indivMult”:12},”id”:152084054104,”name”:”Wholesale Guest Bars”,”_id”:”5d9bba80a2532100161394c5″},{“rules”:{“indivMin”:6,”indivMult”:6},”id”:152099782744,”name”:”Wholesale Home Care”,”_id”:”5d9bba97b2f2600016df3542″},{“rules”:{“indivMin”:6,”indivMult”:6},”id”:152103288920,”name”:”Wholesale Home Care Candles”,”_id”:”5d9bbaada2532100161394c6″},{“rules”:{“indivMin”:6,”indivMult”:6},”id”:152104271960,”name”:”Wholesale Hydrosols”,”_id”:”5d9bbacda2532100161394c7″},{“rules”:{“indivMin”:6,”indivMult”:6},”id”:152093884504,”name”:”Wholesale Modern Men’s Care”,”_id”:”5d9bbbb742e2a60016002c9a”},{“rules”:{“indivMin”:12,”indivMult”:12},”id”:152105910360,”name”:”Wholesale Treatments – Body”,”_id”:”5d9bbbd0b2f2600016df3546″},{“rules”:{“indivMin”:12,”indivMult”:12},”id”:152105746520,”name”:”Wholesale Treatments – Face and Clays”,”_id”:”5d9bbbe1b2f2600016df3547″},{“rules”:{“indivMax”:1},”id”:152112595032,”name”:”WS Candle Testers”,”_id”:”5da4bdac6e9f460016711b12″},{“rules”:{“indivMax”:1},”id”:152113479768,”name”:”WS Creme Tester”,”_id”:”5da4bdee6e9f460016711b13″},{“rules”:{“indivMax”:1},”id”:152112660568,”name”:”WS Mist Testers”,”_id”:”5da4be147a5d64001645d5f1″},{“rules”:{“indivMin”:6,”indivMult”:6},”id”:152110432344,”name”:”WS White Candles”,”_id”:”5dcc03de4418550016c0fa89″},{“rules”:{“indivMin”:6,”indivMult”:6},”id”:152111054936,”name”:”WS Hand Creme”,”_id”:”5dd47b488e8b9c00168b3a6b”}],”products”:[]},”activeTags”:[“W-GUESTBAR”,”W-BATHBAR”,”W-MENS”,”W-FIZZIES”,”W-SETS”,”W-HOME”,”W-HOMECANDLE”,”W-HYDROSOL”,”W-TREATBODY”,”W-TREATFACE”,”W-CANDLETEST”,”W-CREMETEST”,”W-HYDROTEST”,”W-CREME”,”W-SEASONS”,”W-HYDRO”,”W-CREAM”,”W-CANDLE”],”hideDrafts”:[],”discounts”:[{“collectionId”:152084054104,”product_id”:0,”title”:”Wholesale Guest Bars”,”_id”:”6021bb6699d24c005d7b7568″,”tags”:”W-GUESTBAR”,”discountType”:”fixed”,”id”:”rkDNDGtuB”,”scope”:”collection”,”amount”:300,”variants”:[]},{“collectionId”:152088379480,”product_id”:0,”title”:”Wholesale Bath Bars”,”_id”:”6021bb707ec651005d8a5256″,”tags”:”W-BATHBAR”,”discountType”:”fixed”,”id”:”rkMFjMtOr”,”scope”:”collection”,”amount”:500,”variants”:[]},{“collectionId”:152093884504,”product_id”:0,”title”:”Wholesale Modern Men’s Care”,”_id”:”5d9ba023b2f2600016df3527″,”variants”:[],”id”:”BksXxmK_S”,”tags”:”W-MENS”,”discountType”:”percent”,”amount”:0.5,”scope”:”collection”},{“collectionId”:152095555672,”product_id”:0,”title”:”Wholesale Bath Tablets”,”_id”:”5e068836ac42600016ec7386″,”id”:”SkD-E7YdB”,”tags”:”W-FIZZIES”,”discountType”:”fixed”,”amount”:300,”scope”:”collection”,”variants”:[]},{“collectionId”:152097095768,”product_id”:0,”title”:”Wholesale Gift Sets”,”_id”:”5d9ba417a25321001613949c”,”variants”:[],”id”:”HJ17NQYOS”,”tags”:”W-SETS”,”discountType”:”percent”,”amount”:0.5,”scope”:”collection”},{“collectionId”:152099782744,”product_id”:0,”title”:”Wholesale Home Care”,”_id”:”5d9ba7e942e2a60016002c82″,”variants”:[],”id”:”SyflOXKdS”,”tags”:”W-HOME”,”discountType”:”percent”,”amount”:0.5,”scope”:”collection”},{“collectionId”:152103288920,”product_id”:0,”title”:”Wholesale Home Care Candles”,”_id”:”6021bbb23787d4005dded64f”,”tags”:”W-HOMECANDLE”,”discountType”:”fixed”,”id”:”SkaMJEKOH”,”scope”:”collection”,”amount”:1600,”variants”:[]},{“collectionId”:152104271960,”product_id”:0,”title”:”Wholesale Hydrosols”,”_id”:”5d9bb23da2532100161394b1″,”variants”:[],”id”:”Bk8rzVYdS”,”tags”:”W-HYDROSOL”,”discountType”:”fixed”,”amount”:1000,”scope”:”collection”},{“collectionId”:152105910360,”product_id”:0,”title”:”Wholesale Treatments – Body”,”_id”:”5d9bb48142e2a60016002c93″,”variants”:[],”id”:”SkcYN4Kdr”,”tags”:”W-TREATBODY”,”discountType”:”fixed”,”amount”:325,”scope”:”collection”},{“collectionId”:152105746520,”product_id”:0,”title”:”Wholesale Treatments – Face and Clays”,”_id”:”5d9bb4a1a2532100161394b3″,”variants”:[],”id”:”HJFoENt_r”,”tags”:”W-TREATFACE”,”discountType”:”fixed”,”amount”:400,”scope”:”collection”},{“collectionId”:152112595032,”product_id”:0,”title”:”Wholesale Candle Testers”,”_id”:”5d9bc8acb2f2600016df3567″,”variants”:[],”id”:”S1S3dBY_r”,”tags”:”W-CANDLETEST”,”discountType”:”fixed”,”amount”:1000,”scope”:”collection”},{“collectionId”:152113479768,”product_id”:0,”title”:”Wholesale Hand Creme Tester”,”_id”:”5d9bc8f8a2532100161394e6″,”variants”:[],”id”:”r1ZWtBK_B”,”tags”:”W-CREMETEST”,”discountType”:”fixed”,”amount”:700,”scope”:”collection”},{“collectionId”:152112660568,”product_id”:0,”title”:”Wholesale Hydrosol Testers”,”_id”:”5d9bc91842e2a60016002cb6″,”variants”:[],”id”:”SJl7trFOH”,”tags”:”W-HYDROTEST”,”discountType”:”fixed”,”amount”:500,”scope”:”collection”},{“collectionId”:152111054936,”product_id”:0,”title”:”Wholesale Hand Creme”,”_id”:”5d9bca9042e2a60016002cbb”,”variants”:[],”id”:”Skdq9StOr”,”tags”:”W-CREME”,”discountType”:”fixed”,”amount”:900,”scope”:”collection”},{“collectionId”:152110956632,”product_id”:0,”title”:”WS Seasons”,”_id”:”5da0e96a9fac4500165e77ab”,”variants”:[],”id”:”SJQ_YPAuH”,”tags”:”W-SEASONS”,”discountType”:”percent”,”amount”:0.5,”scope”:”collection”},{“collectionId”:152104271960,”product_id”:0,”title”:”WS Mists”,”_id”:”5da0ee53496d0100161dce3a”,”variants”:[],”id”:”rJ28CP0ur”,”tags”:”W-HYDRO”,”discountType”:”fixed”,”amount”:1000,”scope”:”collection”},{“collectionId”:152111054936,”product_id”:0,”title”:”WS Hand Creme”,”_id”:”5dae50405fb1c40016a2912d”,”variants”:[],”id”:”rJurl0iFH”,”tags”:”W-CREAM”,”discountType”:”fixed”,”amount”:900,”scope”:”collection”},{“collectionId”:152110432344,”product_id”:0,”title”:”WS White Candles”,”_id”:”5dcc016557a5bf00167d35a0″,”variants”:[],”id”:”S1pDWKFjB”,”tags”:”W-CANDLE”,”discountType”:”percent”,”amount”:0.5,”scope”:”collection”}],”bulk_discounts”:[],”server_link”:””} var wsgProdData = null //product variables var wsgCustomerTags = null var wsgCollectionsList = null //money formatting var wsgMoneyFormat = “$ {{amount}}”; var wsgCurrentVariant = null; 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A few of our favorite things


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Conquer Pain | Neuropathy Nerve Pain Relief | Pain Cream | Feet, Hands, Legs, Toes | Arnica, Aloe, Hemp, Menthol

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